Find, play and download your favorite content

Ares Galaxy is an open-source P2P program to exchange files with users all over the world and get any contents you want.

Always find what you are looking for

Ares Galaxy is connected to one of the currently most widely-used networks. That means you’ll be able to find virtually any song, video, application or file of any type you want.

The powerful Ares Galaxy search engine lets you filter result by file type, format, title, author, year or other parameters. It should be noted that when there are too many results, the program’s speed can be reduced, so once you decide what file you want to download, it´s recommended to pause or stop the search.

Share files much faster

With Ares Galaxy you’ll download any file in a record time, regardless of the file type. For a start, since it´s a P2P client, it transfers various parts of the item at once, from different sources. This is an advantage, since this not only speeds up the download, it also avoids stopping the download if one of the sources gets disconnected.

From the options window you can adjust the number of simultaneous transfers and the bandwidth used for file downloads and uploads. This will let you control the download speed in general and how it affects by browsing the Internet.

All you need for your multimedia collection, in a single program

Ares Galaxy not only downloads files. It also helps you organize them in its multimedia library. You’ll be able to manage all your shared contents from a convenient window, without leaving the program.

Besides, Ares Galaxy includes a built-in media player. This will let you enjoy your movies, songs or videos as soon as you finish downloading them, without leaving the program. Besides, you’ll be able to preview the files before the transfer is finished, to check the sound or image quality, the song’s version or any other of its characteristics. Thus, you’ll make sure you get what you are looking for without wasting time on an unnecessary download.

Finally, Ares Galaxy includes a Web browser, which you access from one of the application’s tabs. You’ll be able to access any website, find information about your favorite artists, interesting information about your movies and tutorials for your programs.

In summary, Ares Galaxy is an application that will help you get any type of file, quickly and easily. Besides, you’ll have a large number of tools to manage and make full use of your collection. Download Ares Galaxy for free and expand your multimedia library!

• Large number of users
• Efficient search engine
• Multimedia library
• Built-in player

• Nothing to report
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Type Free (GPL)

Version 2.4.5

Size 4.75 MB

Other versions

2.4.5 2.2.7 2.2.4 2.2.3 2.2.2