Atomic Mail Sender


An email client that lets you send a massive number of e-mails, perfect for businesses

Atomic Mail Sender is an application especially designed to send massive amounts of email.

If you have a business or any type of company, you know that one of the easiest ways to reach your clients is via email. Whether it is to advertise your product, send out news or important announcements, a quick and effective communication is essential, and this program will be a great help for this purpose.

Probably you know that sending a great number of messages all at once is not easy to achieve with a regular email client. Fortunately, Atomic Mail Sender is the solution to this problem. This handy tool can handle an unlimited number of emails without any problem and at a surprising speed.

One of Atomic Mail Sender’s best features is its complete message editor. You can send text or HTML emails, include a sender’s signature and choose customized headings. You can even attach any type of file if you want to.

Configuring Atomic Mail Sender is very simple and gives you complete control over the use of your bandwidth, letting you adjust a customized DNS and HELOs. You can also retrieve contact information from any client and import email address lists in multiple formats.

It should be noted that Atomic Mail Sender uses its own server; therefore, your emails will be sent quickly and securely, without any intermediary that might slow down the communication. Besides, it keeps a detailed record, so you’ll always know if there was a problem, and you can verify who read your message and what they did with it.

Download Atomic Mail Sender for free and improve your company’s productivity!

Atomic Mail Sender limitations:
• Restricted features

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Type Shareware

Version 4.27

Size 5.34 MB

Other versions

4.27 4.10