Atomic Tanks Portable


Use over 60 different weapons to blow up your enemies in this classic 2D Worms-style tank game


  • Retro 2D landscape for epic battles
  • Tons of replay value with its addictive and competitive gameplay
  • 60+ Weapons and Shield Types
  • Regular updates


  • Poor graphics

Atomic Tanks Portable is a free 2D strategy game for PC. It is a Scorched Earth clone similar to the classic Worms series where you must do battle with other tanks with an assortment of weapons, annihilate one another and achieve victory. The game is available here in its full version.

Core Gameplay and Mechanics

If you were a fan of the Worms games, then you'll definitely want to give this a try. The game takes many features from the classic, over simplified objective of blowing your opponent to bits - only this time with tanks instead of your worm army. The game presents you with a retro 2D landscape of varying shape on which your tanks are placed. The objective of the game is to navigate towards your opponent and take turns blasting the hell out of one another until the last man stands as the victor. Because it is turn-based, the emphasis is on strategy rather than all-out attacks. 

The user interface for the game is very basic, displaying the health of your tanks (out of 100), your team name, your angle of fire and power, the wind, the round number and other variables. Firing with precision is the key to victory, since in turn-based combat chances don't come around too often. The game supports up to eight players

Battles can be over in anywhere from a minute to several minutes depending on how well players play. The landscape is destructible, meaning any changes made to it are permanent. This also means that a degree of strategy is required to master the terrain, since a line of sight not available initially might reveal itself later on. To win a battle you must eliminate all other enemy tanks. Victory rewards players with money which can be used to purchase shields and upgraded weapons to perform better in other battles. 

In all, the game has over 60 different types of weapons and armor for all combat styles, meaning you can be as defensive or as aggressive as you like

Weapons in the game are quite diverse, including missiles, nukes, death heads, spread missiles, armageddon (three death heads), armor piercing rounds and many more. In all, the game has over 60 different types of weapons and armor for all combat styles, meaning you can be as defensive or as aggressive as you like. The game also contains several weapons designed to level the playing field including 'Dying Wrath' and 'Vengeance' which will automatically eliminate all adjacent opponents when you are destroyed. 

The latest version of the game has also added some additional features including in-game score tracking and turn order tracking for players. 

The Verdict

Overall, while a little simplistic on the surface, Atomic Tanks Portable is an excellent example of Scorched Earth-style gameplay for a contemporary audience. With eight players supported and over 60 different weapons to choose from, the variety is endless. Battle against friends or enemy AI, or just watch AI battle it out. Earn money for achieving victory and use it to gain further advantages on the battlefield. 

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Type Freeware

Version 4.7

Size 313 B

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