Audio Terminator


Audio Terminator

Audio Terminator is an audio editor that will let you create your own customized music or soundtracks. It will also let you record your projects on a CD, since it includes a tool to burn discs.

Basically, with Audio Terminator you will be able to record sounds from different sources (microphone, streaming, podcast or even connecting other devices to your sound card), convert your files to any known format, rip music CDs and thus save your favorite tracks to the computer.

Among the tools that Audio Terminator includes you will find an editor to copy, paste, cut, superimpose, add predesigned or new effects, add band filters, modify channels, etc. Once you get the desired result, you must simply place a blank CD into your computer’s recording tray and burn the contents to enjoy the best quality in sound and desktop players.


- Wide support of formats
- High audio quality
- Wide range of options


- Rudimentary look

Audio Terminator limitations:

- 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 3.70

Size 8.36 MB

Other versions

3.70 2.90