Create 3D drawings with AutoCAD 2013


  • New and improved tools
  • Well-organized user interface
  • Publish projects online for remote access
  • Transform models into 3D renderings
  • Freehand tools
  • Create striking presentations


  • You need some knowledge on CAD to fully enjoy this program
  • Demands a lot of resources and a powerful computer

AutoCAD 2013 is an advanced 3D design program developed by Autodesk and used by professionals and amateurs around the world to showcase their designs. This software allows you to construct 2D and 3D drawing, with all the necessary tools you need for any simple or sophisticated task.

Many renowned architects are using this versatile program to streamline their design and documentation workflows. Also, you can import and add models from various third-party applications. If you´re familiar with AutoCAD 2011 and AutoCAD 2012, you must take a look at the features of the latest edition.

AutoCAD 2013 featured tools

Autodesk 2013 includes new and improved options, such as the interface that allows you to change the view of all the windows choosing from different options. Moreover, the command line has been improved with the option to attach the commands to any window.

In other way, other interesting tools are the fact that you can import models of other formats and AutoCAD versions to work with them without any problem. Thanks to AutoCAD 2013 you can convert AutoCAD models into 3D renderings. Use all your creativity and imagination to push or pull all the faces, edges and vertices of models to create any kind of object.
Besides, you can create rendering animations with cinematic quality, even controlling the light and all the visual effects of an environment. Even you can create sketches of conceptual designs using the freehand drawing tools.

Finally, from the main window of AutoCAD 2013 you can access easily to Autodesk Exchange Apps to get add-ons to make your work a lot easier.

Share and sync

With AutoCAD 2013 you can share your creations with other users, or to upload them on the website for a remote access every time you need them. Also you can connect with Autodesk 360, with which you can sync all your projects and custom settings.

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Type Shareware

Version 2013 (32bit)

Size 0.99 GB

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