Create amazing 2D designs with AutoCAD LT

As a designer, you probably are slightly disappointed by the quality of design software out these days. Anything beyond Illustrator and Photoshop seems to fall short of all promises of being life altering and what not. Where is the real software, that claims precision and delivers? AutoCAD LT is a CAD program that provides you with so much more than the others.

AutoCAD LT allows you to create amazing 2D designs with ease. Once you create them, edit and share them just as easily as you would with any other program. Any drawing tool that you normally use is available to you so you can complete your design just the way you like it. Sharing and collaborating is super easy with DWG™, technology that allows you to share and collaborate with other AutoCAD LT users.

AutoCAD LT´s drawing tools include the standard shapes as well as polygons, arcs, circles, and ellipses. If a shape doesn´t come out the way you wanted it to, play with the scale and angle or use the shake tool. You can even add annotations to your drawings if you like. Once you are finished, create a multileaf file that includes PDF, DWFx and other formats. Download a free trial of AutoCAD LT and see for yourself!

• Super precise
• All kinds of drawing tools
• Share and collaborate with DWG™ technology
• Annotate drawings
• Create one file with everything included

• May use up a lot of resources

AutoCAD LT Limitations:
• 30-day trial
• Nag screen
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Type Shareware

Version 2013

Size 10.55 MB

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