T he beginning or our daily activities in front of the computer is one of the fundamental actions to begin our work or studies in the good path. Many programmes can hinder and delay the starting of your PC interfering with the opening of Windows. To avoid this situation, you must use AutoRuns.

This interesting tool is designed to allow the visualization of the programmes and utilities which appear in executable mode when we turn on our computer. You will be able to choose, using AutoRuns, which utilities you wish to be executed in an automatic way and which you don’t.

The operation of AutoRuns is quite simple and organized: by means of a window subdivided in different tabs, you will have the categorization of the information which is active at the moment. It is indispensable to have its qualities.
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Type Freeware

Version 13.91

Size 1.57 MB

Other versions

13.91 13.90 13.82 13.81 13.80