Avast! Home Edition


Avast! Home Edition is an incredible antivirus software

Avast! Home Edition is an acclaimed antivirus application that targets malicious network threats that exist on your computer and online.

Avast! Home Edition has a powerful protection engine that kills any attack or infection to your computer while you or anyone in your home use it to explore the Internet. The application scans your entire system by in-depth analysis, both on the hard disk and on portable storage devices that are connected to the computer. You have however, the option to only scan certain areas of your computer. What you choose depends on how thorough you want the results to be and how much time you can to spend adhering to the command of the application.

The free version of Avast! Home Edition provides the computer with up-to-date protection, which is significantly superior to similar applications you have to pay for. The application activates automatically on startup, and the database that identifies threats is updated automatically, as well as the application itself.

All you have to do is configure the program to your liking and run the analysis on the computer when you consider it necessary. For your convenience, Avast! Home Edition doesn’t slow down the computer, since it doesn’t use a lot of resources, nor does it show invasive advertising or other announcements.

If the computer at your home is used by many people who visit different websites, then you should download Avast! Home Edition for advanced malicious software detection and deletion.


• Unbelievable protection against malware
• Lots of options


• 3 times more features in the full version
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Type Freeware

Version 2014.9.0.2011

Other versions

2014.9.0.2011 8.0.1497 8.0.1482.45 6.0.1203