Avast Internet Security


Insurmountable protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and online fraud


  • Protection from viruses, spyware, rootkits, malware, and spam.
  • Guarantees security and confidentiality when making online purchases.
  • New, restructured firewall.
  • DynaGen technology to be up to date with new threats.
  • Database has a wide range of potentially dangerous websites.


  • Could do with a couple more advanced options.

avast! Internet Security for PC is one of the most advanced antiviruses on the market. This security suite has some of the most diverse tools for shielding the attacks of IT criminals, protecting both the files stored on your computer as well as the platforms you use to browse and buy online.

Put a barrier between you and malware

From the moment this program is installed on your computer, you’ll be free from viruses, spyware, rootkits, and smart malware. If, for whatever reason, something does slip through the net, the program has a powerful analysis tool that will detect and destroy any of the above to great effect.

This analysis is carried out daily using DynaGen technology that will constantly send antivirus data updates to the program, keeping it up to date with any new threat that might want to attack the programs installed on your PC. The idea behind avast! Internet Security is to cover every potential gap in the system  to avoid you getting any nasty surprises.

You can never be too safe

This version of avast! Internet Security has a silent, effective firewall, which has been updated to be able to make decisions in a more agile way. It also has an strong anti-spam system which can detect the difference between legitimate emails and fraudulent ones, of which thousands are sent daily in order to catch people out with links and/or attachments.

It’s also worth pointing out Sandbox, a feature within which you can open suspicious files without any potential damage affecting your system. With avast! you can also create a backup disk which runs all the functions of the program even if a virus has attempted to block access to it.

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Type Shareware

Version 18.5.3931

Size 258.1 MB

Other versions

18.5.3931 18.3.2333 18.2.2328 18.1.2326 17.9.2322