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The best antivirus software you will ever have

The antivirus software business is seriously booming lately. Maybe it´s because of the economy, and hackers are getting desperate for easy money. Whatever it is, people need a way to keep themselves safe from these new and emerging threats. avast! Premier Antivirus is the best contender so far in the category of antivirus software.

avast! Premier Antivirus has some great new features that will help you further protect your personal information. The new Data Shredder feature makes it easy to permanently eliminate sensitive personal information from your hard drive. An automatic Software Updater keeps all of your programs current and patched if necessary. The AccessAnywhere feature does exactly what it sounds like it does, allows you to access your avast! account anywhere you are to keep tabs on everything.

More avast! Premier Antivirus features include Sandbox, which allows you to run programs and surf the Internet without using your PC. SafeZone™ opens a secure window for you every time you are handling online financial transactions. FileRep knows exactly what a file´s reputation is before you click on it and will let you know in order to keep you safer. Remote Assistance helps you to get in touch with any of your contacts who could help you with any issue you are experiencing. Download a free trial of avast! Premier Antivirus and start keeping your PC safer!

• Data Shredder permanently gets rid of sensitive data
• Software Updater keeps all programs up to date and patched automatically
• AccessAnywhere lets you access your avast! account anywhere
• Sandbox lets you run programs and surf the net without a PC
• FileRep alerts you if a file has a bad reputation before you open it

• May take up a lot of resources

avast! Premier Antivirus Limitations:
• 30-day trial

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Type Shareware

Version 18.6.3983

Size 7.09 MB

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