Avast Pro Antivirus


A security program that analyzes your computer in search if malware and harmful files

avast! Pro Antivirus is one of the most popular and powerful security programs on the market. With its excellent protection system and high processing speed, it is an essential application for the computer.

Fast and complete analyses

When you prepare a computer for personal or work use, one of the first things to worry about is choosing a good antivirus. Obviously, every user considers many factors when choosing one according to their needs. However, a really complete option that spans numerous alternatives is avast! Pro Antivirus.

If you download this utility, you’ll have access to innumerable security mechanisms that will protect your PC from all sorts of risks: viruses, spyware and malicious files, Trojans, hackers getting into the computer and phishing frauds. Besides, one of its main benefits is its incredible level of detailed work that starts even before Windows starts up and doesn’t stop until you turn the computer off.

What makes avast! Pro Antivirus so interesting?

So that you can know that you are dealing with a software that has the best quality and integral possibilities, we present you with a list with avast! Pro Antivirus’s most important functions:

• Multiple protective shields according to the type of threat
• Frequent updates
• Special protection for Internet browsing
• Sandbox system: parallel desktop that blocks the entry of risks to the computer
• Differentiated analysis modes
• Silent mode: stops popup windows and annoying advertisements

A block for every risk

One of the most interesting tools in avast! Pro Antivirus is its multiple offer of shields, that attack different threats against the computer. Thus, you’ll find items specialized in protecting your connection to browsers and networks, and others specifically designed for file transfer, whether over email or P2P protocols. With these functions, the powerful utility can carry out a precise control of all the information that gets into or out of the computer, both for Web pages, emails, program updates and frequent downloads.

Besides, avast! Pro Antivirus includes features that detect malicious hidden contents that is difficult to find by traditional programs. Thus, you’ll no longer have to worry about rootkits, hidden scripts or access by hackers, since the antivirus will stop such processes.

Get good protection before browsing through a site

Currently, one of the main causes of virus entry into computers is excessive Internet browsing. In general, users enter websites that look harmless, but that may actually represent great threats to any system.

In response to this problem, avast! Pro Antivirus has created avast! WebRep, an innovative tool that categorizes all online portals on the basis of the opinions of the avast community members. This alternative is installed as an add-on for the most important browsers, such as Firefox, Explorer and Chrome. On them, it shows an indicator with a page’s security level, that recommends whether it is convenient to access it or not.

As you may have noted, avast! Pro Antivirus is a complete and functional software, that can adapt to diverse needs, but always with the objective of protecting your computer from all sorts of threats and risks.

• Numerous shields corresponding to different risks
• Specific protection for Web browsing
• Integration with the main browsers
• Intuitive and functional interface
• Real-time protection

• Update frequency is excessive
• Notifications are somewhat annoying

avast! Pro Antivirus limitations:
• 2-day trial

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Type Shareware

Version 18.6.3983

Size 7.09 MB

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