AVG Internet Security


An award-winning application with great features that help to protect your PC while you browse the web


  • Tracks and targets suspicious software
  • Real-time protection while browsing
  • Lots of excellent features


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AVG Internet Security is one of the best antivirus applications out there, maintaining top-level online protection against threats such as malware, adware, and spyware for even the most fragile of PCs.

The application safeguards your PC from viruses and suspicious software that circulate the Internet in search of weak links in the network to infiltrate computers that interact upon it. It works to detect any hidden entity that could potentially damage your computers system, and ascertains nothing can creep in in an attempt to destroy it.  

The suite is made up of high-performing tools that give you the power to annihilate and snuff out anything which is a hazard to your PC. They run in the background while you browse the Internet so you can rest assured you are protected. You can also use them to perform scheduled checks and system scans whenever you need to.

The program combines many features to help you maintain utmost protection while you browse the web.

AVG Internet Security Features

AVG Internet Security is first and foremost an antivirus tool which shields your system from viruses, spyware, and other menacing malware and stops them from spreading, but the package also locks other components that help to you keep your PC safe while you surf the web.

Anti-Rootkit locates rootkits that have been buried in your system to help malicious software take control of your computer. Email Scanner works as a plug-in for your email applications such as Outlook to detect infected incoming emails and attachments so you can destroy them before they cause harm to your computer.

Link Scanner alerts you to suspicious URLs before you even open them so you know whether or not they're okay to click. This means that you are less than likely to navigate to corrupt websites when you're browsing the web. File Shredder works to ensure the when you delete a file no traces are left on your PC so that you can prevent prying apps from snooping around confidential data.

Online Shield helps to anticipate harmful content and prohibits its download before you even realize the trouble you'd be in if it didn't. Data Safe gives you an easy way to encrypt and password-protect private files, so that you know that only those who have the keygen can gain access to what they contain before you send them out online.

Anti-Spam double-crosses spam and circumvents scam to make sure the average Internet user is not a victim of hoax online. Firewall protects you from criminal activity such as Internet hackers. 

As well as ensuring PC protection, AVG Internet Security also ups your computers performance by increasing speed while it does its job, and ascertaining you can still do the things you need to while it works. It also helps to accelerate connection speeds for the ultimate web experience.

AVG Internet Security is a force to be reckoned with when it comes down to securing your computer from attack by malicious software and any other form of threat. It is available to download in full for a 30 day trial, and is highly recommended as an online protective tool.


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Type Shareware

Version 18.3.3860

Size 7.05 MB

Other versions

18.3.3860 18.2.3046 18.1.3044 17.8.3036 17.7.3032