Avira AntiVir Personal


Protect your PC from malware, virus and harmful software

Avira Antivir Personal is the perfect option to protect your PC from any virus, spyware or any other type of malicious program.

Various antivirus options

For many years, the dangers on the Internet have been increasing considerably, making it necessary to be very careful in the precautions taken. Therefore, a correct choice within the vast group of available antivirus programs never hurts. Anybody can choose a program type that adapts to their tastes with respect to performance, speed and resources used while it works.

When you Download Avira for free, you’ll have a powerful tool on your hard disk to stop any malicious program from getting hold of your files. In this new edition you’ll be able to protect yourself from annoying spyware, through repeated alerts that inform you every second about your security status.

Avira Update: protection over time

But you’ll not only get protection here and now; Avira will help you be protected over time with Avira Update, an excellent update to set up an impenetrable barrier between your computer and the worst of the Web.

Avira and NOD32, the best of each

The NOD32 antivirus presents a respectable database with respect to detecting contaminated files. Although its resource usage is clearly higher, using the computer much more than Avira Antivir, it is also a very healthy option for combating threats.

It is in the area of anti-spam protection where the program developed by the Eset company has a considerable advantage: with a precise filter, the program will detect trash email (and eliminate it from your computer). Beyond that, the alarm system provided by Avira works perfectly, wherever you are. Wherever you go, you’ll have an inviolable protective agent behind you.

What are you waiting for, to be secure? The Avira installation is a click away and your access to an integral protection is as close as ever.

• Doesn’t use a lot of resources while working
• Simple interface

• Few configuration options
• Deficient anti-spam protection

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