Instant sync between Lotus Notes and Google thanks to AweSync


  • Sync calendars, contacts and to-do lists between Google and Lotus Notes
  • Easy to use
  • Completely stable with amazing security features


  • No automatic synchronization due to security reasons

AweSync is a utility designed to let you synchronize what you do in Lotus Notes (also known as "IBM Notes") with your Google account. AweSync lets you bring your contacts, your tasks and even your Google calendar, with all the advantages of hybrid software: access through any platform (including mobile ones), greater integration between your personal and professional agenda, safe migration information, etc.

This last feature is quite important because AweSync has three synchronization modes: to carry data from Lotus Notes to Google, from Google to Lotus Notes, or a full synchronization between the two services. AweSync is simple to use and it has all the security features that are needed, both as it relates to backup information is synchronized, and in terms of providing access to third party applications.

Lotus Notes? Really?

Yes, seriously, though now it is no longer called "Lotus Notes" but "IBM Notes". In times where Google dominates everything and where developments are tailored to each company, is a bit strange that there are still companies using Lotus Notes. But there are. Luckily there are applications like AweSync, which are of great help.

We're not saying that Lotus Notes is a bad thing (if so, it would have no customers). What we say is that Lotus Notes is a great business solution, because it is strong, stable, fast and easy to use. The only issue with this software is its adaptation to current times has come a little late. In fact, that was one of the reasons for its sale to IBM.

The important thing is that no matter how it’s called, you have all the benefits from robust software that can sync your Lotus Notes with Google in the blink of an eye, thanks to AweSync.

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Other versions 5.1.0