Baidu Spark Browser


Browse the web safely and quickly, downloading videos as you go


  • Has the same efficient engine as Google Chrome.
  • Intuitive gesture navigation.
  • Excellent option for downloading videos via streaming.
  • Numerous skins available.


  • Some of the features are a little hard to find.

In Baidu Spark Browser you’ll find an excellent browser for PC that’s based on the same powerful engine as Google Chrome, but has interesting improvements such as a quick-access sidebar with the most important functions, and an option to carry out commands via shortcuts that make it a lot easier to navigate to your favorite web pages.

This program uses Google Chrome as a reference point and aligns itself with some elements designed to make browsing easy. This is certainly the case with its sidebar, from which you can easily access bookmarked favorites and recent downloads, as well as an option to zoom in and out of pages at any moment.

Speedier, thanks to gestures

Using the browsing by gesture feature, it’s really easy to visit different pages. All it takes is that you right-click and hold it, making the gesture with the mouse to activate the command.

If you swipe to the left, the browser will go back to the last page visited. If you move up or down you can refresh the current page. And if you move left and right, you’ll reload the last tab that you closed.

Better features for the intensive user

Amongst the additional options the program has, Baidu Spark Browser lets you download videos you watch online, which in turn allows you to reduce the amount of open tabs during browsing or facilitate the downloading of Torrent files. Do you have a Google account? Well you can use ti to synchronize bookmarks, skins, extensions, and more, over different computers. And if you ever wanted to restore Baidu Spark Browser to its original state, you can just close the session. Simple and safe personalization, just as it should be.

For all these reasons and more, Baidu Spark Browser for PC is worth downloading. It’s speedy, secure, and boasts a number of additional features compared to other browsers that make your browsing experience that much easier.

Baidu Spark Browser icon

Type Shareware

Version 43.23.1000.500

Size 45.96 MB

Other versions

43.23.1000.500 43.23.1007.94 43.23.1000.476 43.23.1000.467 43.22.1000.452