Build and rule over your own medieval town in the brilliant city-building simulator!


  • Challenging strategy game
  • Tutorial feature
  • Pleasant, functional graphics


  • Highly addictive! Ensure you have the time to play it!

Banished is a highly addictive and insanely entertaining city building strategy game for your PC. If you’ve ever desired to rule over your own world and possess God-like powers then you need to get your hands on Banished!

Similar to SimCity, Banished requires you to build your town from scratch, maintain it so its citizens are content and it keeps growing. Unlike the likes of SimCity, Banished requires you to build a city in medieval times so there are a lot more challenging aspects to take into consideration. One of the major differences is that instead of wages and taxes in Banished, trading is the sole form of currency.  You need to produce crops and goods to barter and trade with.

You need to ensure that the citizens of your Banished town are well looked after. Crops need to be grown to feed your people, houses need to be built for shelter, you need to avoid outbreak of diseases and protect citizens from extreme weather conditions! The world of Banished isn’t an easy one to maintain but it is challenging and entertaining.

Banished provides a tutorial feature for players to avail of if you don’t want to throw yourself into creating a medieval empire! The tutorial teaches youto set up your village from scratch and how to go about it successfully, although if you do skip the tutorial you can always learn quickly through trial and error which can be a lot of fun!

Graphically Banished looks great, the medieval villages are beautiful and the changing seasons each have dramatic effects on how the world looks. This isn’t the most detailed game visually but the emphasis of Banished is on gameplay, it is all about strategy and tactics so realistic looking livestock isn’t its first priority!

Overall Banished is a detailed, challenging and fun city building strategy game that is sure to have you glued to your computer screen for hours and hours!

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