BatChmod: a little bit of light over the dark world of permissions of Mac


  • Change the permissions of files and folders.
  • Accede to blocked content on your Mac.
  • Easier than Terminal.


  • Tools like this have some risks. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t do it.

It’s logical that users don’t know so many things about the components of their Macs. This is normal because most of the people use all kind of tools without asking who made them or how are they done. The same happens on your Mac, with files and folders that are out of your reach, but may be you need to change them to increase the potential of your Mac. If that is the case, try it with BatChmod.

BatChmod is a program that helps you to change the permissions of files and directories so later you can accede to them without problems. Basically, BatChmod makes the same things that you could do on Terminal but through an interface much friendlier.

With BatChmod you have to point to the folder or file in question to know who is its owner, to which group belongs and what privilege has for all the users. Later, you just have to mark the kind of permission for each category: Read (R), Write (W) and Execute (X).

BatChmod is very useful for those files you had import from other Mac or to force the emptying of the Trash folder. And as developers say, ‘if nothing of this sounds to you, maybe BatChmod is not for you’: use it with care, because the changes of permissions have direct consequences on the security. Enjoy (with care) of BatChmod!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.6.3

Size 2.19 MB

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