Batman Forever: The Arcade Game


Batman Forever: The Arcade Game

Batman Forever: The Arcade Game is the action game developed on the basis of the blockbuster which was the sequel of the batman movie that got a tremendous success in box offices all over the world.

The hero that Gotham City needs

This time, the masked hero must confront several of his worst enemies, and you must help him, together with Alfred and his skillful assistant Robin. The bloodthirsty villains you’ll confront include Harvey Dent, the lawyer better known as Two Faces, and the treacherous Riddler.

The most outstanding thing about this title is that you can choose with which character to play. Thus, you’ll decide between the Dark Knight or his unconditional companion, Robin. To survive the battles in which you’ll participate, you must use all your body parts which, at the correct moment, will become a powerful weapon.

Advancing with a storm of hits dealt out by you, you’ll defeat the dynamic duo’s fearful enemies. Between hits, kicks, locks and combinations of special movements you’ll be able to apply beatings in over 150 different ways to each individual that dares confront you.

The storyline of this entertaining title is divided into chapters, and at the end of each one you’ll encounter what in arcade games is known as a “Boss” or “Final”, which is simply a villain that is very hard to defeat. Once you overcome the obstacles that confront you, you’ll achieve victory.

Don’t give up, rely on your friends and save Gotham City once more from decadence and corruption.

• Very entertaining
• Many levels
• Good fights

• Old-fashioned graphics
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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 12.2 MB

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