Becky! Internet Mail


Becky! Internet Mail

Becky! Internet Mail is a user-friendly, multi-functional internet e-mail client created for Windows users. This program supports POP3, IMAP4, SMTP (with or without SSL). It the use of multiple mail boxes which you can create multiple “profiles” with. Listening to customer feedback, they have integrated many of the features that is expected from their internet e-mail client - plus more bonuses that would surprise you. It also supports new protocols such as MAP4rev1 for e-mail and LDAP for the address book. With Becky! you can view and write HTML using Microsoft IE's inline component. An innovative “Reminder” feature sends an e-mail you made to yourself on the scheduled date. It comes with a built in flexible filtering manager allowing you to create flexible filtering rules that may contain almost infinite conditions and/or various filtering actions. Other features included in this package will surely be in line with helping to boost your productivity in every way.
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Type Shareware

Version 2.72.0

Size 3.93 MB

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2.72.0 2.63 2.61.00 2.60.00 2.56.05