Customize your PC and display your creativity to the world by downloading Bee Icons!


  • Customize your desktop
  • 50 icon themes to choose from
  • No advertisements


  • Not compatible with Windows 8

Bee Icons is a crazy, fun piece of software that allows you to customize you desktop! Bee Icons presents you with a series of unique and stylish icons that you can choose to replace the standard and dull desktop icons.

If you are fed up of looking at the same old icon images for years then Bee Icons may be the perfect software to brighten up your day! This program allows you to choose from a series of pictograms to replace the typical icons for the likes of your Start Menu or your Compact Disk icons.

If you want to go the whole hog and transform the look of all of your desktop icons Bee Icons allows you to choose a theme to transform the look of your computer! The application offers you an impressive 50 different themes so if you get bored of one after a while you have plenty of other options to explore. Bee Icons strives to keep you ahead of theme trends as it gathers the best and most popular icon themes from the world wide web and presents them to you.

Blissfully Bee Icons does not add any advertisement banners to any of its themes so you are not plagued with nuisance ads just because you decide to customize your desktop. This application is not the most essential in the world but it does provide a simple and interesting way to spice up your PC!

Bee Icons icon

Type Shareware

Version 4.0

Size 2.54 MB

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