Bejeweled 2 Deluxe


Match dazzling jewels and score points, solve puzzles and more in this great match-3 game for PC


  • Strong match-3 gameplay
  • Gorgeous visuals for jewels, environments, menus, and more
  • Simple controls and user interface
  • Four unique game modes including Classic, Action and Puzzle modes
  • Impressive soundtrack and sound effects


  • Gameplay gets a bit repetitive after a time

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe is a free match-3 puzzle game for PC in which you must match gems of similar color and shape to burst them in a dazzling shower of color and points. The game is available for free download right here. 

High Carat, Gem-Filled Fun

Bejeweled is a great example of a series that has maintained its popularity in spite of mounting competition from the likes of Candy Crush and other match-3 games. The game presents a player with four unique game modes: Classic, Action, Puzzle and Endless. For newer players it is recommended that you try the Classic mode first to get used to the basic mechanics and controls. The other game modes will be discussed below. Before getting started, the game's Options mode allows you to edit sound and music volume, screen resolution, and backgrounds. 

Core Gameplay and Mechanics

The main objective of Bejeweled is to match three jewels of a particular kind in vertical and horizontal rows by swapping adjacent gems. Mechanically, the game plays a lot like tetris and other match-3 games. Controls are limited to pointing and clicking which will burst the selected jewel and allow others to drop down. Matching jewels will burst them all, scoring the player more points. Matching four of the same gem will create a power gem, which will create even more points when matched and will destroy all adjacent gems in the process. The user interface is similarly basic, containing just a points button, a level counter and a hint button if you cannot determine your next move. This will reveal a set of jewels which can be matched.

Matching four of the same gem will create a power gem, which will create even more points when matched and will destroy all adjacent gems in the process

Completing a level is done by reaching a particular score before the time runs out, displayed as a meter at the bottom of the screen. The game employs no star-based reward system or other incentives to achieve high scores in its Classic game mode, so you will immediately be taken the the next level. In Classic mode, the player is encouraged to finish levels as quickly as possible and get as far as possible without running out of moves. Once this happens, their high score will be displayed alongside others and the current run in Classic mode will finish. 

The game also has three other modes that offer variations on the same theme. In Puzzle mode, for example, a player must complete a series of puzzles by destroying all jewels. Completing enough puzzles will allow them to unlock new 'planets', the areas on which sets of puzzles take place. Puzzles are considered solved by eliminating all jewels from a level in the minimum number of moves. If you take longer, you will run out of moves and will have to undo previous moves or restart the puzzle. Normally, once the logic of a puzzle has been figured out, the solution comes easily. 

Next, there is the Action mode, in which you must beat the clock in a timed version of levels, each increasingly difficult. As expected from the genre, the game also has an Endless mode, in which you must keep playing for as long as you can to achieve the highest score. 

Graphics, Visuals and Sound

Music in the game is quite engaging and atmospheric with plenty of synthesized, futuristic sounds and voicing. Level transitions are also quite dramatic, sending the player through a multicolored vortex or portal to their new destination or their 'warp drive'. Gameplay in this sense moves more quickly than other match-3 games. The jewels themselves are shiny and colorful, displaying some nice flourishes and bursts when they are matched up. Backgrounds are also of good quality, displaying a series of stunning landscapes and natural phenomena. Generally speaking, the game is visually impressive, offering great graphics for levels, objects, menus, as well as colorful animations.

The Verdict

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe is the quintessential match-3 game, offering stunning graphics, sound effects and music, a simple point-and-click control system, easily navigable menus, and most important, highly addictive and immersive gameplay. While the Classic mode is where most will begin, the other three modes offer a great deal of variety for more seasoned players. Beat the clock in Action mode, or travel between planets in Puzzle mode. The game manages to hold up even with the prevalence of the match-3 genre and the dominance of other game series. With paced, challenging gameplay and a variety that is scarce in such games, why would it not? If you're a fan of the genre and want something new to try, give this game a download. 

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