Betternet: access any website without restrictions


  • Browsing via VPN.
  • Access to websites blocked due to geographical restrictions.
  • Encrypted connections.


  • More often than now, browsing via VPN is slightly slower.

Lately there’s been an explosion of utilities that let us browse via VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), that are nothing more than encrypted connections that are managed by servers especially tasked with doing so, with the aim of avoiding identification. These services generally cost money, but there are some free options such as Betternet, that offer the same thing with no cost.

Browse with better security with a trusted VPN

In theory, Betternet offers total anonymity as does any VPN. This in turn results in a range of advantages, such as the option to visit any website without it being able to identify you, be it through the IP address, the user profile, or anything else. Betternet also blocks ads from websites and web providers, giving you the joy of browsing without the usual annoyances.

Discover everything that has hidden from you until now

Behind VPNs like Betternet, there’s a simple idea: if websites don’t know who or where you are, there’s no way for them to stop you. As a result, Betternet can also help you access any network or website, including social media and media websites that are censored where you are geographically. It also works for certain blocked protocols, which tends to be the case with some VoIP applications.

Betternet is also able to encrypt the information that you transfer. If you were to use an unknown public network or WiFi connection and doubted their security measures, you’ll have nothing to worry about.Betternet encrypts the upload as well as the download of data, stopping hackers get away with your precious information.

Simple, efficient, without costs and really easy to use. All it takes is one button that shows whether you are connected via Betternet’s VPM or not. Download Betternet and dive into a more extensive and more secure internet.

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Type Freeware

Version 4.4.0

Size 8.18 MB

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