Birdland 2: the app to care for birds


  • Ideal game for children


  • In-app purchases

If you like animals and you are quite fond of the world of birds, then you have found the ideal application: Birdland 2. You will enjoy your own aviary where animals roam freely; they are happy and free from any worries.

In Birdland 2 you can set up a custom scenario with Halloween themes, you can play free with your new pets and you shall take care so they are always in good condition. In case you think common birds are not enough for you, you can add penguins to your collection. Obviously you can feed parrots, cockatoos and macaws, and they will thank you for this with beautiful songs. You can also clean the bird cages, feed them or just visit them to see that they are fine. The world of Birdland 2 displays great graphics which highlights the diversity of colors; you are going to have a real rainbow color palette, more typical of children's stories.

Birdland 2 is a great game designed for animal lovers or anyone who wants to spend a good time watching and taking care of nice birds. Download Birdland 2, you will just love all the birds you can play with and the virtual aviary you can build as you please.

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Type Freeware

Version 2.4.1

Size 16.22 MB

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