Bitcoin Wallet: your Bitcoin wallet for Android


  • Good portfolio management
  • Simple interface
  • Free application


  • Nothing worth to be noted

If you usually handle cryptocurrency regularly you may have noticed that, in response to the variance of the values, it is most practical to use an app that allows you to manage your portfolio and trade in the market wherever you are. Hence Bitcoin Wallet: one of the best apps available to manage your Bitcoins portfolio in a simple and intuitive way.

Bitcoin Wallet lets you operate in peer-to-peer mode even without log-in anywhere on the Internet, or depend on a particular node: you can see bitcoins in the most appropriate unit to your portfolio and to select BTC, MBTC and μBTC. Also, you can convert national currencies in real time and you can send and receive bitcoins from other users, customers or suppliers by using NFC, QR or URLs. Bitcoin Wallet includes a notepad to record most commonly used bitcoin addresses and an alarm system, too, so you will recall when your money transfer will arrive. In case you employ frequently bitcoins, you will enjoy these features and many more from this app.

As bottom-line, Bitcoin Wallet is a great and handy app to easily manage and centralized all about your bitcoins. You can download Bitcoin Wallet with confidence since it’s a free app and it’s worthy of your attention.

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Type Freeware

Version 3.38

Size 1.96 MB

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