Torrent, HTTP, or FTP, BitComet can do it all


  • High transfer speeds.
  • Compatible with torrent, HTTP, and FTP.
  • Able to preview files.


  • Appearance is a little slack.

BitComet is a download manager that also includes exchange protocols for FTP and FTTP. The program is completely free, simple to use, and speeds up downloads significantly.

Download torrents with BitComet

This program does a great job when it comes to downloading the torrents you want. To this end, the program has a range of detailed functions that tip things in its favor when it comes to choosing a download manager.

The client reaches a download speed that’s 5 times faster than most, which puts it on par with some of the best programs like it. More advanced users will be able to configure in the reader of their memory caché to increase the speed even more.

On top of that, BitComet prioritizes the download at the start and end of the torrent so that the user can be sure through a preview that it’s the file they want. You can do with many formats: AVI, MP3, WMV, RMVB, and so on. And, thanks to the speed the program reaches, you can start doing it all moments after downloading it.

BitComet is a user’s dream

On first glance the interface can look a little annoying due to the unecessary information and ads that appear, but once past that the usability is pretty good.

The program has an integrated browser that lets you search for torrents without needing additional software, and it includes multiple tabs to see all the information relating to the download and actions the program is carrying out. In the main box, you can view the progress of the downloads and the speeds they’re working at.

If you’re still left with doubts, BitComet has a complete help feature online made up of data, FAQs, and forums. In short, it’s a comprehensive program with many stand-out features, that lets you get hold of all the torrents you want practically without any effort on your part aside from a simple search.

BitComet icon

Type Freeware

Version 1.52

Size 19.31 MB

Other versions

1.52 1.51 1.50 1.49 1.48