Share files with the world, thanks to BitTorrent.


  • Simple to use.
  • Preview content before it’s downloaded.
  • Excellent download speeds.


  • Nothing to report!

One of the issues with the internet is that it’s not that easy to handle large files, for which we need to resort to alternative systems where the services are ideal for managing the demands of all those users operating with files for films, large programs and so on. Perhaps the most popular way to do this is with BitTorrent.

BitTorrent, for transferring large files

BitTorrent is, in essence, a way of transferring files that since 2001 has worked through an ingenious system that allows sharing the file source by way of a complex network of computers attached to the internet. It’s a method that doesn’t even need the other participants in the network to be connected, as there are always alternative sources to be found.

You’d have to say that the best programs are often those that have been developed by the company that created it, correct? Well that’s what you get with BitTorrent. Thanks to the program, you can locate the files you want in a quick and simple way, preview the content of the file before it’s been fully downloaded, use the antivirus that comes with it the check for anything strange, and—of course—use the downloaded files without any restrictions.

Torrents: The way forward to download with BitTorrent

There are people who maintain that on the internet you can get your hands on anything. With BitTorrent that’s pretty much the case. But before you are able to, you’ll need to add torrent files or magnet links (the same day) to add to the program.

We all know that there are many programs that are able to download torrents. What we need to bare in mind is that BitTorrent is 100% compatible with all of those programs, meaning you can download from any one without any problems whatsoever. It’s then just a question of waiting for those downloads to finish.

Films, series, music; whatever pops into your head. All of them you can download to your PC with BitTorrent.

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