BlackBerry for PC

BlackBerry for the PC is a development tool that will let you use a BlackBerry device from the PC. With this program you’ll try out functions and applications for your smartphone, directly from your Desktop. Although it isn’t possible to use BBM, you’ll still use a large number of third-party apps, including WhatsApp for BlackBerry.

Experience a mobile phone on your Desktop

This BlackBerry emulator is very easy to use, since you just have to download and install it to access an exact replica of a BlackBerry 9900. You’ll find the screen, the QWERTY keyboard and the lateral buttons, completely functional. You’ll be able to interact with the device using both your keyboard and mouse, so you’ll carry out any action and use all the applications included on the mobile phone.

It should be noted that BlackBerry Simulator emulates the BlackBerry 7 operating system; you must keep this in mind when installing third-party software. The program will let you test this device’s functionality and performance before you decide to buy one. It´s also useful if you are a developer, since you’ll check compatibility.

On the other hand, BlackBerry Simulator 7.1 will let you enjoy mobile applications on your Desktop computer, so you’ll use WhatsAppfor the PC to communicate with all your contacts, for example.

In summary, BlackBerry for the PC is an application with which you’ll test one of the most popular smartphones on the market from the convenience of your computer. It´s ideal to let you try out its performance before buying one, or to ensure that your apps are compatible with this system. Download it for free!

• Easy to install and use
• All the buttons are completely functional
• Lets you install third-party applications
• Lets you use apps included in the device

• Only compatible with BlackBerry 9900
• Doesn’t let you use BBM
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Type Shareware


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