Blockscape is a PC sandbox game that represents a very interesting alternative to the popular Minecraft. Authored by Kim Jansson, this title will present you with a completely modifiable environment in which you’ll be able to build and destroy everything you want in order to get the desired habitat.

Blockscape vs. Minecraft

When you download Blockscape for free you’ll find an excellent Minecraft alike, which presents several peculiarities that make it unique. Even though it´s also based on accumulating cubes just like the inspiring title, in this case you’ll have more freedom of action. Thus, you’ll be able to reduce or increase the block size without limit, depending on your needs.

On the other hand, Blockscape will present you with a greatly optimized visual development. This means that you’ll note several improvements with respect to the graphics finish, which is something that marks a great difference with respect to Minecraft.

In Blockscape, your mission will be quite similar to the original, so you’ll have to move through your environment following the open-world games logic. Thus, you’ll have different types of useful tools and objects to make your buildings, which you can also destroy if you don’t quite like them.

It should be noted that Blockscape will immerse you in the first phase of a release that is supposed to be overpowering. Here, your only challenge will be to create and design your own environment (among vegetation, geographic accidents and buildings) to then experience phase 2, which in theory will include overpowering game modes.

Even so, you’ll only be able to practice the survival mode, in which you won’t have access to an infinite supply of elements such as blocks, for example, nor will you have abilities such as being able to fly. Therefore, if you want to experience these options you’ll have to download the full Blockscape.

Finally, if you want to embark on disturbing adventures, we here present you with a good alternative to Minecraft: Blockscape. Don’t hesitate any longer to Download Blockscape for free!

• Open-world gameplay
• Greater freedom of action
• Better graphics

• Only the survival mode is enabled
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Type Freeware

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