Bloodline Champions


Harness the power and develop the skills of your bloodline


  • Intense online multi-player game
  • 22 different characters
  • Highly competitive


  • More entertaining for hardcore gamers.

Bloodline Champions is an exhilarating and intense online multi-player battle game for Windows PC. This release requires you to engage in battle with fellow gamers and defeat them in thrilling yet short matches.

Bloodline Champions battles are not easy. You begin your combat adventure by choosing your Bloodline character. There are 22 different Bloodlines to choose from, each have brilliant and unique abilities. This range from fire throwers to Ranid assassins, each are different and deadly in their own way!

The battlefield of Bloodline Champions can be a brutal and heavily populated one! You can have two teams of five combating each other per fight. Controlling your champion is easy, using your cursors as controls it shouldn’t be long before you get to grips of your character.

To progress in Bloodline Champions you need to increase your statistics, these stats monitor your characters effectiveness at different battle tactics, your abilities and your bloodlines.

The one thing that the developers of Bloodline Champions were determined to emphasize when they created this game was that the game requires skill and training above chance and luck. Bloodline Champions is created for competitive gaming, it offers a great and flexible tournament system and a detailed profile so you can keep a constant eye on your progress.

Bloodline Champions is a straight forward but entertaining online multi-player combat game but it also offers a competitive battlefield for the more intense gamers out there!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.2

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