Enjoy your favorite Android apps on your PC with BlueStacks


  • Lets you run Android apps in Windows
  • Includes the option to synchronize with your mobile
  • View apps on a much bigger screen


  • Not compatible with all apps

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the functions of Android on your PC? With BlueStacks you can! It’s the definitive tool for those who dream of running Android apps from their PC or tablet.

Run your Android apps from Windows with BlueStacks

Blustacks allows your PC to run all the typical apps you might find on your mobile, by creating a ‘virtual Android’ environment in Windows.
For those who find that using a PC is a lot more comfortable than a tablet or mobile, BlueStacks will be a welcome addition. It allows for full use of keyboard and mouse with any app, meaning you can really make the most of some of your most valued programs.

The growing popularity of Android

Whilst Android was conceived as an operating system for mobiles, its use isn’t limited. BlueStacks has the potential to manage any Android app, even those so advanced that they surpass even the programs we have in Windows as standard.
The importance that Android holds in our day-to-day lives, coupled with the possibility to carry out tasks from the laptop seem reasons enough to understand the popularity of BlueStacks. The program lets you use apps with speed and efficiency. Enjoy your favorite games on a bigger screen, use messaging apps from the comfort of your PC, or manage your accounts while on your laptop; all of these possibilities await thanks to BlueStacks.

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Type Shareware


Size 415.44 MB

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