Bluetooth Framework VCL Personal


Sync data safely between your phone and PC with Bluetooth® Framework VCL Personal


  • Share information and files between devices


  • Purchase reminder screen keeps reappearing.

Bluetooth® Framework VCL Personal is a communication library that can be used for getting in touch between mobile phones and computers. Use Bluetooth to send songs, pictures, and videos between your computer and your cellular phone. 

This program is simple and easy to use and runs on Windows platforms. Bluetooth® Framework VCL Personal also has irDA (intrared) device technology and allows you to send information back and forth between your computer and cell phone using this technology.

Your security fears are put to bed as the Bluetooth® Framework VCL Personal protects your computer and mobile devices by employing new wap/wap2 password technology.

If you find yourself synching data between devices this application presents a fast and safe way to do so.

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Type Shareware


Size 9.95 MB

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