Bluetooth Radar


Find devices with Bluetooth and manage your transfers from the computer

Bluetooth Radar is an application to manage Bluetooth with Windows. This software will help you transfer any type of file between devices that use this technology. It´s open-source and in constant evolution, therefore it has a large number of extra features that are constantly updated.

Recently, the Bluetooth technology has become one of the best options to exchange files between computers, mobile phones, tablets and other types of devices. It´s fast, simple and secure, but the tool included in Windows to manage this type of transfers leaves a lot to be desired.

With Bluetooth Radar you’ll be able to detect all Bluetooth devices within range of your computer, in an interface similar to a radar. You’ll not only see the devices connected to your PC, but also those that are unknown.

In case of devices connected to your computer, you’ll be able to remotely transfer files or navigate directories. On the other hand, the unconnected devices will only show basic information, such as the name and the location.

In summary, if you are looking for a simple, versatile and reliable device to manage Bluetooth devices, don’t hesitate in downloading Bluetooth Radar for free to your computer.

• Easy to use
• Detects all near-by Bluetooth devices
• Doesn’t use much space
• Lets you navigate directories remotely

• No advanced features

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Type Freeware

Version Free

Size 1.19 MB

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