Rescue the princess from evil in this exciting platform game!

Braid is a platform game, set in six temporary worlds, in which youll have to rescue the princess from the claws of Evil.

Braid reminds of the classic Mario Bros videogame, since you’ll have to jump on top of enemies to kill them and thus advance through each level. Something special in this adventure is the possibility of going back in time to correct your actions, and thus avoiding unfortunate events. This action evokes the mythical title Prince of Persia and the Sands of Time.

The artistic design in Braid is unique, with a style that draws attention with its textures, backgrounds and personifications. A very outstanding aspect is the soundtrack developed by Magnatune.

• High image and audio quality
• Innovative playing style

• The length of the game is short

Braid limitations:
• First levels available

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Size 119.33 MB

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