Bubble Blast Halloween


A great puzzle-game to play over Halloween


  • Tons of puzzles to get through
  • Halloween theme


  • Nothing noteworthy

If you’re looking for a great game to play on October the 31st Bubble Blast Halloween is a brilliant puzzle-game fitting of the spooky theme.

There are 2 modes of gameplay, puzzle and arcade. Players start off by choosing a character to play with. There are tons of levels to amuse and keep your mind at work. The idea is to make all of the faces on-screen or bubbles burst in a certain number of goes. To make a bubble burst, you literally burst one by touching the screen at that place. In this edition the bubbles are creepy faces. When you burst one it causes a ricochet or ripple effect and other bubbles burst.

Bubble Blast Halloween is fun to play. It seems easy at first, but it begins to get harder as the levels go on. It’s definitely one to download should you want something to play that’s themed for scare-season and that keeps you entertained.

Bubble Blast Halloween icon

Type Freeware

Version 2.0.2

Size 1.75 MB

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