Organize your digital e-book library with Calibre for Macintosh


  • Multiple input and output formats makes conversion simple
  • Sync your collection with popular e-readers
  • Add meta tags and other information for effective searching
  • Organize your collection or let Calibre do it for you
  • Online content server lets you access your collection from anywhere
  • E-book editor and other features for writers


  • Limited language support

Calibre is a free open source e-book library management application for Macintosh, developed by Calibre. Organize and manage your e-book collection with this amazing utility. Its source code can also be used for developmental purposes. 

Organize your Digital Library

No matter our age or interest, there is always a book out there that will engage us. For many, reading is an integral part of their everyday lives. In recent times, though still favoring hard copies of books, for the purposes of practicality many of us have started to read e-books or electronic versions of newspapers, articles, etc. to satisfy our habit. Unlike an ordinary book which can be shelved without issue, e-books are often more difficult to handle. Managing your e-book collection across multiple devices and in multiple formats can be a daunting task. This is where a program like Calibre comes in, simplifying the reading process for its users. 

Calibre will act as your own personal digital library. First and foremost, Calibre will provide a highly intuitive space for you to store and organize your e-book collection. This means effective categorizing and sorting of your growing collection as well as a highly refined search capability. For the former, Calibre will let you store e-books of any size and in multiple formats. Input formats include AZW, CBZ, DOCX, HTML, LIT, MOBI, ODT, PDF, RTF, TXT and many more. The app will let you convert those formats to a comparably large number of output formats, meaning you'll be able to continue reading whatever the format. 

Similar to a musical database, every book you upload will be defined according to a set of meta tags including Title, Author, Date added, Size, Rating, Genre, etc. These can be specified according to your needs. You can also create your own lists for your books if you need it. Comments can also provide supplementary information on a book including notes, criticisms, etc. The user can search for one or all of these through the basic and 'advanced' search bars. If meta information is missing, Calibre will search the internet for it. This will turn your e-book collection into a highly efficient library database. 

Reading in Style

Alongside its outstanding organizational capabilities, Calibre is also a highly functional e-reader, letting you to read your books in a highly programmed way. Its code is designed to support Table of Contents, bookmarks, CSS, references, printing, searching, copying and more. Sizes and proportions are always correct and the book, as far as possible, will look just like the real one.

When users come across Calibre as e-reader users, they will likely want to continue reading using their Kindle, Sony Reader, etc. Calibre supports this. Once you have chosen which books you would like to read as well as their format, Calibre will let you sync your collection between devices with ease. Furthermore, if you want to accede your collection online, Calibre has a dedicated content server, tied to your user account, containing your entire collection. From there it can be organized as you see fit or even edited using the application's e-book editor. Although it will only support EPUB and AZW3 (Kindle), this feature allows you to preview and implement changes to a book as well as compare different versions of a book. 

One of the best parts of this program is that it is a work in progress, meaning it is constantly being improved and updated by its user community. Whether you're a simple reader, or you're writing and editing a book yourself, Calibre has features up to the task. Generate random covers for your book, add footnotes, add python functions to searches, auto-complete for links and so much more. All of these ideas speak to the creativity of its users. 

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Type Freeware

Version 3.31.0

Size 77.08 MB

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