Call of Duty 2 Mod Tools


Call of Duty 2 Mod Tools

Call of Duty 2 Mod Tools is an add-on for the popular war game that will let you customize your experience to your liking.

Call of Duty 2 is set in World War II and lets you play as a British, Soviet or American soldier. The objective, of course, is to defeat the Axis armies and achieve the Allied victory.

In this title you can choose between different game modes, while going through various scenes in the different fronts. You can go ahead and complete different campaigns and missions to relive the bloody battles, or start a quick game in any of the modes. You have the option to choose between the “sudden death”, “team”, “capture the flag”, “defend the garrison”, or “search and destroy a specific objective” modes.

Call of Duty 2 is a complete and varied game that will undoubtedly provide you with hours of entertainment. However, after a while the four available soldiers and the ten available maps will start to look a bit limited. You may also get bored because you only have 35 weapons available. It is here that Call of Duty 2 Mod Tools comes to the rescue, since it widens your experience much more than you can imagine.

This add-on lets you modify and customize many of the game’s aspects. You can set up different types of war equipment or modify the existing ones, to distinguish your soldiers on the battlefield, for example. You can also edit the different maps, adding buildings and places to hide or eliminating them completely to confront your enemies face to face. Obviously, Call of Duty 2 Mod Tools also provides you with tools to create your own weapons.

With Call of Duty 2 Mod Tools you’ll be able to redesign the game the way you like it, to achieve a different experience every time you want. You can even challenge your friends in your own environments and with your own rules.

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