Call Of Duty 2


Call Of Duty 2

Call Of Duty 2 is a popular first-person action game, in which you’ll play as a soldier in World War II. Thus, it will be your mission to fulfill different objectives of historical battles to contribute to the defeat of the Axis.

The action takes place in scenes that are as diverse as Stalingrad, Libya and the Normandy. In these territories you’ll confront the Nazi army with infantry of the Allied forces: Americans, Britons and Russians.

In Call Of Duty 2 you will find different weapons that realistically recreate the arsenal used during the war conflict. Thus, you will have pistols, rifles, subrifles, carbines, grenades and machine guns, among others.

Finally, Call Of Duty 2 has various multiplayer modes that include all sorts of maps. Undoubtedly, this title is an obligatory stop for all lovers of the genre.

• Various hours of continuous game-playing
• Well designed storyline
• Attractive soundtrack
• Intensive action

• Doesn’t add anything revolutionary to the genre

Call Of Duty 2 limitations:
• First levels available
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