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Great zombie survival FPS in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies is an action first-person shooter (FPS) game and the latest edition to the Call of Duty franchise created by Treyarch and to be published by Activision later in November this year.

This game is the sequel to the modern warfare title, Call of Duty Black Ops II. The last mentioned game was the first to introduce futuristic military operations, unlike Call of Duty: World at War, which is set in WWII. Furthermore, the storyline is driven by player choice, which can give you any outcome in the end.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies - gameplay

In this zombie survival videogame, you can once again take part in multiplayer games that allow matches to host three or more team of players. In addition, you can climb the ranks with the Kill Streak feature, which gives you in-game rewards for each zombie hit. See below a short description of the different modes:

Tranzit: this is set in a gigantic world where up to 4 players can play in cooperative multiplayer mode. Here you travel by bus to different spots on the map in an open world.
Survival: This is set in specific areas where you have to survive zombie attacks. In this mode you can make your base a stronghold to protect each other against these creatures.
Grief: Here you can play up to eight players which are split up in 2 teams that simultaneously have to defeat the zombie assaults. Keep in mind that the other team is part of yours, so don´t kill any team members.

In summary, this is a highly anticipated title that will keep you entertained with adrenaline pumping scenarios for many hours. Today we offer you the trailer meanwhile you wait for the PC launch that will take place on November 18, 2012.
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