Cars Pack GTA San Andreas


Cruise through San Andreas with some hot new wheels


  • 3 new vehicles for San Andreas
  • Set up guide contained


  • Limited extra features.

Cars Pack GTA San Andreas is a vehicle add-on for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This game patch allows you to add and drive real life cars to this insane open world shooter.

Ever feel a little fed up with your GTA San Andreas car collection? Perhaps you'd like to try out some new wheels while you tear it up through the city streets? This mod for San Andreas offers you just that, some sexy new vehicles for you to cruise and joy ride with.

The mod offers three impressive new vehicles that were modeled and developed by genuine, enthusiastic and experienced GTA fans. That means that they were created with playing pleasure in mind! The three cars are; a Golf, a Kangoo and, of course, a Jaguar XJ220.

In order to use this mod in the game as well as a PC copy of San Andreas you need to have IMG Tool. The details of how to install the Cars Pack GTA San Andreas are slightly complicated but a detailed step by step guide is included in a ReadMe file with this download.

This is a limited patch that offers you three new vehicles to have a bit more fun with on the streets of San Andreas.

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