CCleaner: clean up your Mac and improve its performance with this great utility


  • Fast and easy to use program
  • Noticeable increase in speed and overall computer performance
  • Manually or automatically select files for clean-up
  • Useful tools such as registry cleaner, system restore and an uninstall panel
  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.10


  • Constant advertising to upgrade to the paid version

CCleaner is Mac software that cleans up unwanted files on your computer, developed by Piriform. The software analyzes your computer before deleting temporary files which may be harmful. This frees up space on your machine and improves your computer’s overall performance.

Keeping your Computer Clean

As computer users, we must constantly be aware of the files lurking in the background behind what we usually accede. These files very often become hidden, manifesting as traces in folders which are all but invisible. When such files build up over time, whether temporary internet files, registry errors or whatever else, our Mac's performance will be adversely affected. This is particularly prevalent for software we have recently uninstalled which has left file traces and other obsolete files. To ensure that these files are found and done away with, we need an effective disk cleaner utility such as CCleaner. With this program, you'll never have to worry about.

Choose your type of coverage

On this website we are offering the free version of CCleaner, however there are two other paid versions with some additional features, downloadable from the developer's website. The free version offers most of the same features and includes the same powerful cleaning tool which analyzes and deletes unwanted files off your computer; CCleaner professional offers real time monitoring and automatic updates to the software; and CCleaner professional plus offers all aforementioned features as well as file recovery and disk defragmentation. The two paid versions can also be accessed with a free trial which lets you try out the extra features to see if they justify a purchase. After your trial has finished you can choose between making the purchase or switching over to the free version. The Mac version of the software is also quite up to date, supporting Mac OS X versions 10.10 and earlier

User Interface and Features

CCleaner's interface is highly intuitive and easy to use. The home screen features panels down the side of the screen including tools and settings which allow you to customize your cleaning options. Before initiating a clean-up operation, you can select files for inclusion manually or automatically, this last one is highly recommended for beginners. You don't have to worry, though - the program’s intelligent design will ensure that nothing important is needlessly removed. However, it is a good idea to have important software and files backed up, just in case. CCleaner specifically targets temporary and used files left behind by internet searches and downloads. These can take up unnecessary space and clog up your computer, adversely affecting its performance. 

The registry cleaner offers a highly efficient scan compared with similar programs. It analyzes a number of files including unused files, obsolete software and installers, etc. and then shows you a tiered list of defective entries. After checking for issues, you can delete one file at a time or delete all the files at once. The normal clean-up operation will tidy up cookies and caches that attach themselves to your computer when you use and download from the internet.  Deleting these files helps your computer run more smoothly and quickly.
There are a number of other useful tools. The first is an uninstall panel which lets you selectively delete software off your computer. Should your files ever become damaged or corrupt, there is also a system restore which lets you return your computer to an earlier point in time. A drive wiper can also be used to clean all of your drivers. Another nice feature is the start-up panel which improves your computer’s loading time by blocking programs from automatically starting up when you turn on your computer.

The Verdict

CCleaner is an important tool for cleaning up obsolete or unused files and freeing up space on your machine. Customize your cleaning and deleting options, restore your system, uninstall unwanted software and much more. Its user interface panel is very user friendly and easy to use, allowing you to get used with the program very quickly. Whether you're someone who uses their computer casually or for business, keeping your computer free of unwanted or obsolete files is absolutely essential. Download CCleaner for your Mac now and see what it can do for you. 

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