The best way to keep your computer clean and at peak performance


  • Improves the speed and performance of your PC
  • Has a wide range of options
  • Performs a fast and concise analysis of the PC


  • Use with caution as to not delete programs by mistake

If you use a PC, you’ll probably have noticed that, over time, the computer starts to lag when performing certain tasks.
It’s not that the PC’s getting old; it’s more likely that there are too many junk files that affect the tasks being completed. There’s a practical solution for cleaning up your PC and optimizing its performance: CCleaner.

Optimize your PC and avoid lagging with CCleaner

A vital program for any PC, CCleaner will be your best friend in no time. It can get rid of your Internet caché, delete your browsing history, clear broken registry entries and fix Windows errors. Before blaming the turtle-pace of your PC on your installed programs, give CCleaner a go and clean up all the other elements that slow down its performance.
As soon as you open up the program, you’ll see all of its functions displayed within an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

CCleaner does it all automatically

Having pressed the ‘Analyze’ button, the search for problems and errors begins. Following this, you’ll just need to click ‘Run cleaner’ to get rid of all the junk files and links from any navigator. You can repeat the process as many times you want until you’re satisfied that the system is totally clean.
The same goes for the registry cleaner, which can be found on the second tab. First, click ‘Search for problems’. The results will appear, after which you click ‘Repair selected’. At this point, even though you can repair the problematic elements one by one, it’s much better to click ‘repair all selected’ and let CCleaner work it’s magic. And don’t worry: it’s completely safe.
CCleaner has other functions, too. It includes a tab for uninstalling programs and other tools to maintain the performance of the system. In addition, if you find that the included tools don’t improve the performance, the program has the option of restoring the system; deleting the most recent downloads and updates in the process. 
CCleaner is one of the few programs that resolves problems with Windows with such ease. Download it now!

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Type Freeware

Version 5.46

Size 16.02 MB

Other versions

5.46 5.45 5.44 5.43.6520 5.42.6499