CCleaner Portable


A portable version of the powerful hard drive cleaner


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Portable with no installation required on new devices.
  • Registry cleaner lets you remove unwanted or unused files
  • System restore and driver wiper features


  • Frequent notifications prompting the user to upgrade to the paid version

CCleaner is a handy utility software for PC, developed by Piriform, that cleans up and removes unwanted files on your computer’s hard drive. The software features the same powerful cleaning tool as the original CCleaner, this time in a fully portable version. This means you can transfer the software via USB or external hard drive and run it on your computer without installation.

A simplified user interface

The software’s user interface is very basic and highly functional in its approach. The home screen features a series of panels on the side of the screen containing the software’s primary settings. These panels allow you to customize your cleaning options. Selecting files for the cleaning process can be done manually or automatically, the latter of which is recommended if you are a beginner. Once the process has begun, the program will not delete anything important or that you use regularly on your computer. Instead, the software specifically targets temporary and unused files left behind by internet searches and downloads. These files can clog up your computer and affect its overall performance.

The Registry Cleaner allows you to analyze your computer and clean up a number of unused files all at once. There is also a system restore option which lets you return your computer to an earlier point as well as a drive wiper which clears your entire hard drive if necessary. Another nice feature is the start-up panel which improves your computer’s loading time by blocking programs from automatically starting up when you turn on your computer.

No installation required

CCleaner Portable has the same powerful features of CCleaner without the necessity for installation. Instead, you can transfer the software via a USB. When you open the file on another computer it will immediately run the cleaner device without installing any new software. Your customized settings will remain the same unless you want to tweak them on the new device. This makes it easy to clean up the hard drives on multiple devices.

CCleaner Portable has the same powerful features of CCleaner without the necessity for installation

Overall, the software is a powerful tool for cleaning up the hard drive of your computer. It contains the same effective cleaner as the normal CCleaner but in a portable version that you can transfer from computer to computer. Download CCleaner Portable and improve your computer’s overall performance.

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Type Freeware

Version 3.22.1800

Size 3.75 MB

Other versions

3.22.1800 3.13.1600 3.12.1572 3.04.1389