Explore the planets and galaxies in this detailed simulator


  • Intuitive interface
  • Graphics in excellent quality
  • Customizable look
  • Available for various operating systems


  • Nothing to report

Are you a fan of the cosmic world? Be sure to try out Celestia, an amazing educational aplication that will let you experience the immensity of space. With this program you’ll experience an adventure in 3D, travelling throughout the different planets and galaxies of the solar system.

Celestia is a real-time simulator that lets you go through more than 100,000 stars and 10,000 galaxies, in which you’ll enter distant and unknown worlds with simple mouse movements. Before starting, it is convenient to do the guided tour the program offers, since it is easy to get lost later and this tour will be a guide for you.

The software has a powerful zoom system with which you’ll be able to see details of any object or location you want, and zoom out when you have finished your analysis. Besides, you’ll have the possibility to save your favorite routes, calculate the distance that separates you from any point and fly at different speeds.

The application presents a simple and user-friendly interface, with controls that are easy to use and accessible options. Its 3D graphics have an excellent quality and it is possible to expand the galactic immensity by adding more objects.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.6

Size 1.22 kB

Other versions

1.6 1.6.0