Celestial Mechanica


All-around epic game Celestial Mechanica will blow your mind and ears!

Nowadays, almost everything we see, hear, play, etc., could easily fit into several categories at once. This is the age of eclectisism, and it shows, mostly in music though. However, some ingenious animators, composers, and game designers have decided to take on the huge project of creating a super epic game. Someone had to do it! Celestial Mechanica is the lovechild of these amazing people, a platform game that veers towards puzzle, action, and adventure as well.

This indie game is getting quite a lot of attention, mainly for the artistic aspects of it.Celestial Mechanica has excellent artwork and animation, provided by Paul Veer of Super Crate Box. The coding and music was done by Roger Hicks, with help and vocals from Laura Shigihara. The soundtrack alone is available for download, as it is itself quite a masterpiece.

As far as gameplay goes, it is just about like any other platform game, but with the added twist of technology. For instance, you play as a robot, and you can do a double jump. However, this double jump makes more sense than those in other games, because your double jump happens because of rockets in your feet/legs. Another cool feature is the ability to grab your enemies´ missiles, energy balls, etc. in mid-air and fling them back where they came from. Download Celestial Mechanica free for PC and experience a whole new mixture of game genres set to an amazing soundtrack!

• Amazing 8-bit graphics and animation
• Fun technologically-enhanced world to explore
• Epic soundtrack

• May have some lag
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Type Free (GPL)

Version 1.20

Size 22.4 MB

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