Easily cheat in video games and more with Cheat Engine for PC

Cheat Engine is a memory scanner/hex editor/debugger program for PC that can alter video games and other programs.

The most well-known use of this program is for cheating while playing games. What it does is essentially look at the broken down memory of any process and make changes in order to make gameplay easier. These changes could include increasing resources, enemy units, lives, credits, points, or changing any variable that affects the gameplay. It can also be used to change the way you see things in a game, like making walls transparent and even zoom in and out. This is possible because the program includes several tools to manipulate Direct3D.

Cheat Engine also lets you increase the stability of videogames and other applications. This is done by getting rid of any bugs and other errors in an application’s operation. Users can also use this program to carry out benevolent code injection. Many different aspects of a program can be improved thanks to code injection, such as adding columns to a search results page. Users can also create a new way to filter or order information or even add parts to a program so that it can be used even offline. There are many other things you can use this program for as well.

Although it can be somewhat overwhelming at first, this program includes a complete help module that will guide the user in every step during the application’s use. That way, playing your games and fixing some other details in your favorite programs’ performance won’t be a big deal. The interface is easily navigated once you read through the help module and essentially any task can be performed with its help. This is the perfect program for anyone who wants to see what it feels like to beat the system in a video game, or who is tired of the bugs found in a certain program. It is a very effective tool for correcting those problems and altering a program to your tastes.

Download Cheat Engine free for PC and alter video games and more!

• Wide range of options
• Complete help module
• Doesn’t use much space
• Alters video games and other programs
• Can be used for benevolent code injection

• Some features may be too complex for the average user
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Type Free (GPL)

Version 6.7

Size 11.56 MB

Other versions

6.7 6.6 6.5 6.4