Become the master cheating and copying answers with Cheating Tom


  • Addictive and funny game
  • Challenging levels
  • Power-ups


  • There are ads between levels
  • You can’t do this at school

Tom is a young boy who wants a new video game console but his father won’t buy it if he doesn’t approve the exams, but Tom doesn’t want to study and there is only way to approve: copying the answers!

How to play

Gameplay of Cheating Tom is quite simple to understand: during an exam you will be in a classroom and you have to touch on a student to begin to copy the answers. You will have to be really fast copying and taking care because the teacher will take a look to the classroom suddenly and if the teacher catches you copying it will be game over. You will see a warning advice when teacher is going to take a look so you will have to remain on your desk. Besides, you also have to take care from students because they will get angry because you’re cheating, so a warning will appear to warn you of not copying from them.

When you copy from a student, the upside bar will go fulfilling and once it’s totally complete you’ll finish the level and you will get an A+.

Hundreds of challenging levels

At Cheating Tom you will have to overcome 100 different and challenging levels, some of them are against the clock and you’ll have only just one minute to copy the answers and to get the best result. You’ll have at your disposal some powerups that will help you to avoid the teacher, such as teleport, avoiding making angry the students or to hide from teacher.

Plan your strategy

You have to think wisely all your movements because there are 10 different teachers with their own reactions, as well as 10 students with their angry level too. Moreover, classrooms are totally different, from the common one to a classroom on the garden, so environment is important too.

Compete against your friends to see who gets the best scores and collect all the students for the yearbook.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.1

Size 31.03 MB

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