Checky - Phone Habit Tracker


How many times do you check your phone every day? That’s what you can find out with this app


  • Easy to use
  • Curious info


  • A little bit useless
  • You have to make a great effort to not check the phone

Technology has changed our lifestyles and a prove of this is that when you’re walking on a street or at the bus or metro everyone is with their smartphones on their hands talking with friends, reading news or Facebook, taking photos, etc. Sometimes, maybe it’s really important to check our phones while we are walking but most of times we only check constantly the phone to see if there is a new message from someone. Had you ever though how many times you check your phone only for this? With Checky – Phone Habit Tracker you’ll know it.

How does it work?

Checky – Phone Habit Tracker is an easy program to use. It works secondly and every time you switch on the screen of your phone it will count as you had checked your device. When you open this app you see the total of times you had checked your smartphone today, as well as the number of times you checked yesterday and even a small graphic with the results of the last week.

Checky – Phone Habit Tracker counts with a notification system that can notify you at the end of the day of the number of checks you had done.

Change your customs and save battery

Maybe you’re not conscious, but we spend a lot of time checking the device constantly and this can affect with our lifestyle, our job and relationships. Moreover, every time we switch on the screen and we spend time with no sense doing nothing we spend a lot of battery, and this can be a problem when we need the device on an emergency and we find it with no battery life. So, if you make an effort, you can save battery life and also reduce the time you use your device to dedicate your time to more important stuff.

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