Finally, chickens can fly, but their flight will be full of dangers


  • Funny game
  • Free app
  • Sharing scores on social networks


  • Can turn into a repetitive game

For the first time in history, chickens are able to fly and they can do it on this funny game. But it’s something that they can do by themselves without risks as it’s not a natural skill, so you will have to help them to fly and fly far away.

How far will you be able to go?

Gameplay of Chick Can Fly is really easy to understand, but you’ll depend totally on your skills and reflexes. Once the round starts you have to keep touching the screen to go up avoiding a lot of moving pipes that can squash the poor chickens if you don’t control your movements. You won’t let this happen, don’t you?

If you tap on the screen to left or right you will move the chicken to those directions to pass through the empty space between the pipes. If you stop touching the screen the chicken will begin to fall down, something with which you can take advantage to stop before crashing with pipes and to change the direction.

Simple but addictive

Chick Can Fly is a casual game to kill time and its retro graphics makes you remember about the old games of ‘80s and ‘90s. Also it’s very similar to other games of its kind like Flapping Bird and also with elements very familiar from a game of a famous plumber. In addition, you can share your scores with your friends through the social networks and to check who the best player is.

Test yourself and discover how far you can go. Fly, little chicken, fly!

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Type Freeware

Version 1.2.0

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