Chicken Battle


The animal cards game for mobile devices


  • Free app
  • Addictive game


  • It can turn into a repetitive game

There are a lot of different cards games for mobile devices and maybe you had played a lot of them, but there is no one like the next we show you. Its name is Chicken Battle: a simple cards game but different at the same way; and it won’t let you indifferent.

A curious gameplay

Chicken Battle is a cards game where you will find different animals -including the chicken- that will have to fight between them using cards. The best of all is that the way to fight will be using the legendary rock-paper-scissors; yes, as you read the basis of the cards fight is using this famous game you surely had played a lot of times.

What animal eats which one?

You will fight against your rivals and you will have to show your cards, so the animal you show has to defeat the rival: chickens eat snakes, snakes eat foxes and foxes eat chickens. Chicken Battle is that simple but you will find a lot of fun and an addictive game with a lot of surprises because you can’t know which cards have the rivals, so maybe you won’t win all the rounds. Are you ready for fun?


Chicken Battle is one of those casual games to kill time, so if you are looking for this kind of game to add it to your games collection for your device, don’t think twice and download Chicken Battle; it’s a totally free app.

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Type Demo

Version 1.6 (Android 2.1-2.2)

Size 4.45 MB

Other versions

1.6 (Android 2.1-2.2)