The hero and savior of little chickens is a big chicken


  • Nice graphics
  • Funny game
  • Lot of weapons and power ups
  • Challenging levels


  • Some items are only available through in app purchase

At Chicken Boy game, monsters are very hungry and they want to eat chickens. They are defenseless and you will have to put into the steps of a curious hero, a boy dressed as a chicken that has to help and save a lot of little chickens that are trapped on the way.

Defeat your enemies with a baseball bat

The gameplay is quite easy to understand: your weapon is a baseball bat and you will have to use it to hit the enemies with different fruits that you will use as powerful weapons. First of all, you have to touch on an enemy and a bar will appear, keep touching the screen to increase the strength of the hit and once you stop touching, the hero will shoot.
There are enemies of all kind, from monsters and dragons to even aliens, as well as the weapons you will use that have some different effects. If an enemy catches a chicken you will have to defeat it before escapes with it.

Unlock fruits and upgrade them

As you advance in the game and you overcome the levels, you will go unlocking new fruits to attack, which have different abilities. Moreover, you can upgrade any of them to make them stronger. For that you will have to use the coins you’ll earn on each level. In addition, the difficulty will increase so you will find a challenging game in just a few levels, so don’t be confident!


Chicken Boy is a simple game but offers a lot of challenges and a great number of levels, in addition of the different fruits to use as weapon, so you will find a lot of hours of fun in this game. It’s free, although some items are only available for in app purchase.

Chicken Boy icon

Type Freeware

Version 1.2.0

Size 45.52 MB

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